Donate below to support the Texas Blazers Spring 2019 New Guy Class and their efforts to reduce homelessness illiteracy.

I am reaching out on behalf of the Texas Blazers. Texas Blazers are known for their involvement with the community through major service initiatives and projects. Our major project this year is to start a book drive with the hopes of building a comprehensive library for The Austin Resource Center for the Homeless (ARCH). The purpose of this drive is to increase awareness and provide support to the efforts of the ARCH and combatting homelessness illiteracy in Austin. In the case that you are unable to host a book drive, there are still helpful ways to contribute to our cause. With donations, every dollar we raise will go towards purchasing books, or the money will be donated to ARCH and other homeless shelters directly. Thank you for taking the time to support the local efforts of the Texas Blazers Spring 2019 New Guy Class!