W H O  W E  A R E

The Texas Blazers, founded in 1994, is an honorary service, leadership, and spirit organization devoted to serve The University of Texas at Austin. Members are chosen from the UT Austin Student Body for their leadership, commitment to service, and academic achievements. Texas Blazers are known for their involvement with the community, serving as official hosts for the university and as mentors at Eastside Memorial High School. The organization is led by an elected Chairman and ten other executive board members, and recruits new members every academic semester. Texas Blazers also serve  on the Texas Roundtable. 


The purpose of the Texas Blazers is threefold:

1) To serve the University of Texas at Austin and city of Austin communities through active volunteerism

2) To uphold the spirit and traditions of the University of Texas at Austin

3) To promote leadership and growth in its members while maintaining high academic success

We are honored and excited to have been awarded Best Spirit Organization, Best Organizational Ethics, and Most Outstanding Organization at the 2015 Swing Out Awards. Watch and learn more about Texas Blazers' three pillars: Service, Spirit, and Leadership.

Video Credit: Zeyi Lin, Fall 2014 New Guy Class