E A S T S I D E  M E M O R I A L  H I G H  S C H O O L

Eastside Memorial High School is located in East Austin, off of Airport Blvd. Since its inception, Texas Blazers has been mentoring and tutoring students at the high school formerly know as Johnston High School. We strive to assist Eastside's goals of improving current students' grades and graduation rates, as well as empower and encourage the students. At Eastside, Texas Blazers perform a variety of roles, both inside and outside the classroom.

Each Blazer is responsible for completing a minimum of 8 hours each semester. One of the unique aspects of Texas Blazers is that this is the only requirement to be considered an active member in the organization. To learn more about the roles that Texas Blazers serves as Eastside, please contact our Vice-Chair of Eastside Memorial High School, Alec Blair, at eastside@texasblazers.com

For more information about Eastside Memorial High School, please visit the Eastside Memorial High School Website